WebRTC Demo Day at OpenTokRTC.com

WebRTC Demo Day! Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of WebRTC. A few weeks ago, Google unleashed Chrome 23 which has WebRTC and PeerConnection support. This is really exciting because everyone on chrome (and IE users with Chrome Frame plugin) can now experience the next generation of communication via live video. Today is the day to experience it. Simply go to https://OpenTokRTC.com and join a room! If you’re lucky, you might catch a few WebRTC Streams from iOS devices.

With native browser support, WebRTC video quality is much better than any video chat service I have ever used. But then again, I might be biased so you should definitely give this a spin. You can now also apply CSS properties to live video streams. I included a few in OpenTokRTC for you to try, but the possibilities are endless. Border-radius, box shadow, opacity, etc etc. You can set video filters in real time as you video chat.

To build this site, I used OpenTok on WebRTC SDK to implement live video streams, Pusher API to keep track of user presence in the room, and FireBase API for chat and messaging.

OpenTok meets Firebase meets Pusher

Ankur and I will be managing a round-the-clock support room over the next 2 days for any questions you might have. Come say hi, ask about how we built the site, or learn more about our API.

Just like any cool projects we do, OpenTokRTC will be open sourced and will come with an in-depth tutorial on how each part was built. Check back in a few days or follow me on twitter and I will let you know when its ready.

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