Guest Post – WebRTC, Video Streaming and the Next Big Thing


We’ve all seen the statistics and now know that mobile usage is at an all time high and is still on the rise.  Increasing with this is mobile video consumption. As mobile data has become more affordable and reliable, and with more WiFi hotspots popping up, it is becoming increasingly easy to watch, share and communicate via video on mobile devices.

This is something that our partners at Simpleweb, a web and mobile development agency in the UK, have noticed too.  They know that a new wave of apps is revolutionizing the way we view and broadcast video online, many of which are powered by WebRTC.

In their latest blog post, WebRTC, Video Streaming and the Next Big Thing, Simpleweb looks at current trends, several apps that are using video to change the way we use the internet, and what to expect in the future.  You’ll even spot a couple of apps powered by OpenTok on the list.  Read the full blog post here.