Week 1: Contest Winner – Dibake.com

Everyone loves a healthy debate.  Recent topics of debate over the TokBox lunch table have been as varied as “Should Mubarak step down?”, “Were the Groupon Superbowl ads distasteful?” or “Android vs. iPhone”.  What’s clear is that everyone has an opinion and everyone wants to have their say.  So, when we saw Dibake.com as entry in to our Developer Contest, we were intrigued.

Dibake.com, invites you to participate in topical debates, live, face-to-face.  Simply go to Dibake.com, select the topic you’re interested in, read the arguments (or bakes) that have already been made and initiate your own, live video debate right there on the page. If you’re too shy to participate, you can also just watch the debate unfold.

We love the idea of video chat centered around topics and that’s why Dibake.com is this week’s contest winner, winning an Android Tablet and increasing their chances of winning the grand prize – an audience with 2million users.  Congratulations to the Dibake.com team!

Next week’s prize: a Microsoft Kinect – so get submitting your apps to devcontest@tokbox.com