Week 3 : Contest Winner – Knowism.com

I am excited to announce the 3rd weekly winner in our Developer Contest – Knowism.com.  Knowism is a an incredibly useful mash-up of OpenTok and LinkedIn. Here’s how it works.

Basically you search by name or area of expertise and Knowism returns profile results from LinkedIn.  You click on ‘Chat Now’ and a request is sent to that person for a meeting.  Once they have accepted you can see when they are online and start video chatting with them, thanks to OpenTok.  What’s really neat is that once you are video chatting with that person you have all their profile information from LinkedIn right there on the page in front of you so you can reference it.

While the Knowism team has launched the service as a means of getting expert advice, we think it also has great applications in the recruitment space.  You can interview someone face-to-face and see their professional profile all at once, without having to switch back and forth between a video conferencing tool and LinkedIn.  In fact, this is one of the exact use cases we talked about when we were developing OpenTok and one we presented at LaunchPad back in November last year. (You can see the full presentation on SlideShare, but we recommend the video on our blog!)

We have now entered the fourth week of the contest and there is an iPad up for grabs for this week’s winner.  And then, there will be the final week of tweaking, polishing and finalizing before we announce the overall winner, who will be promoted to our 2million TokBox users from April 5th.  Good luck!