Wello: On-Demand Video Training Sessions

There is a laundry list of reasons why folks don’t squeeze in a little physical activity: they’re tired, they can’t afford a gym membership, they are allergic to sweat or there is a new episode of Real Housewives from who-knows-where on after work….what? That’s not normal?

Every time someone skips a workout, it gets easier not to exercise the next day. That’s where our newest App of the Week, Wello, comes into the picture. Their vision is simple: they want to make getting and staying healthy easier. They aim to make that vision a reality by offering on-demand video training sessions powered by OpenTok anytime, and anywhere.

Wello customers can choose from 100 to 150 instructors based on the type of workout, time of day and demeanor of the trainer. Once they’ve booked their session, they connect with their trainer face-to-face via OpenTok for their personalized workout. Each session is private to the trainer and client, and requires just internet and a bit of extra space to flail around.

Leveraging OpenTok’s customizable streams, Wello has designed their video interaction so that the trainer sees their client in a larger stream than their own and vice versa. That way the client can more easily mimic the instructor’s movements (or admire their biceps), and in turn, errors can be caught and corrected more easily by the instructor.

Whether you feel like refining your Pincha Mayurasana yoga pose (that’s the feathered peacock in layman’s terms) or your flying karate kick, Wello has the right instructors for you, at the right price.

Wello has been kind enough to offer customers 25% off their first training session. Just use the coupon code: WELLOWELCOME. Want to try it out before committing to a session? Wello has a nifty little setup that allows you to try out their service with a pre-recorded trainer.

Now it’s time to pump..you up! Remember, sweat is just fat crying. No pain, no gain.