What’s under the mistletoe?

The latest OpenTok application, which comes out today, is Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, created by McKinney. We thought we would highlight it here because it’s a unique and interesting use of the OpenTok API – plus it’s a really fun application! “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe” is a two party OpenTok Session with the added ability to take screenshots of you and your sweetheart, like an “old timey” photo booth. You invite someone to the Session (under the mistletoe) and when you are both there, four screenshots are taken of the two of you doing your thing (under the mistletoe). You get the idea, definitely worth checking out.

You’re here on the developer blog because you want to know how this application was built. Well, the secret is we helped them out…just a little. We had a great time working with the guys over at McKinney while doing it too. Their application is written in Flash and they needed a way to use OpenTok within their Flash application. We know a little about Flash here at TokBox (*wink wink*) so we knocked together an ActionScript 3 library. The library lets you load the same OpenTok SWF components that you get in the JavaScript library (Controller, Publisher, Subscriber) from within Flash.

The nice thing about loading a SWF within another SWF is that it becomes another element on the Stage that the developer can manipulate, apply filters to and, in this case, can use the BitmapData Class to take screenshots. This is the beginning of another platform for OpenTok. Currently the ActionScript library is in alpha. If any developers out there are interested in building something using OpenTok within Flash, let us know and we can see about making it available.

Hats off to the McKinney guys for putting together such a clean, polished application. Now I’m off to try and convince my wife to join me under the mistletoe…