White paper: Beyond E-health – Embedded Communications in Healthcare

BeyondE-healthIn recent years, the shift in behavior towards digital, on-demand services together with the massive increase in demand for healthcare has created an unprecedented challenge for the healthcare industry.  Providers have been forced to reinvent their existing care models, offering more of their services online.

In line with this, consumers are increasingly turning towards on demand healthcare services that they can access online, whenever and wherever they need them.  In fact it has been estimated that by 2020, over 78 million consumers will use home health technologies.  This is a dramatic increase from 14 million in 2014.

As patients seek to manage their own health in convenient and flexible ways, and practitioners require greater flexibility and efficiency, simple, robust and secure technology platforms have become critical.  Embedded communications, powered by WebRTC, represents one of the most significant advances digital health has ever seen.

This report explores the role of new technologies in healthcare and how embedded communications are fueling the e-health revolution.  It explores real world use cases from organizations including Babylon, Calgary Scientific and Revolve Robotics.

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