White Paper: Consumers want more than Facetime for Brands

Frontcover_B2C Whitepaper@2xWhen it comes to communicating with family and friends, live video has become commonplace, but it has not yet become the norm in business. In order to take advantage of the benefits of live video, companies and brands must find a way to integrate live video into their existing suites.

With rising demand and interest, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be able to provide live video capabilities to its consumers. This can help create a mutually beneficial relationship between business and customer as service can be provided more conveniently and efficiently.

Live video will enable businesses to keep up with current technological developments, enhancing and streamlining the customer service process, while retaining the personalized human element that consumers crave. This guide details and demonstrates the ways in which companies and brands can utilize the explosion in live video communication, with practical examples of ways in which it has already helped the brands we are working with.

You can download the white paper here.