White paper: The Real-Time Revolution in e-Learning


It is estimated that by 2019 50% of all higher ed classes will be delivered online. So there’s no doubt that education, both in and outside of the classroom, is entering a whole new era.

The first wave of e-Learning impacted education, bringing educational resources online. But the second wave – active e-Learning using technologies like WebRTC – is set to revolutionize it, creating new interactive experiences with communications in context.  In the real world, this means that a student in Detroit can now be tutored in calculus by a math teacher in New York or college students at MIT, UCLA, and Oxford collaborate together on an article to be submitted to a renowned academic journal.

We’ve written a white paper, ‘The Real-Time Revolution in e-Learning’, which explores the increasing role of real-time communications technology in the e-learning revolution, and how you can take part in it.  The white paper looks at trends in e-Learning, what and how technology can be used, as well as real world case studies from companies including Chegg Tutors and Duolingo.

Interested? You can download the white paper here.  Just fill in the form and the paper will be emailed to you.

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