With Microsoft Edge, OpenTok Is Now Supported on All Major Browsers

Late last week, Microsoft released the April Update for Windows 10. This update contains the latest version of the Edge browser, Edge 17. We are happy to announce beta support for the Edge browser across our live video platform.  All the great features of the OpenTok platform are now available in beta with Microsoft Edge!

We have been tracking the progress of Edge over the last 12 months, testing the Windows Insider builds, and providing feedback to Microsoft. We were delighted when Microsoft introduced support for the WebRTC 1.0 APIs in the 2017 Spring release and we applaud them for the improvements they have made since then.

Microsoft continues to dominate the desktop and laptop operating system market with roughly 88% market share. The mix of Windows flavors has changed over the last 4 years with Windows 10 continuing to gain market share mainly at the expense of Windows XP and Windows 8, but also from Windows 7. Given that Edge is the default browser on Windows 10 and Microsoft is not investing further in IE 11, we expect to see increased usage on Edge as Enterprises migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Edge was released 3 years ago and is very much the new kid on the block compared to its older competitors. During the 3 years the market share for Edge has been ticking upwards as the market share for Internet Explorer and Firefox have both fallen. Chrome has made the biggest gains during this period and remains the top dog.Chrome and Firefox were the WebRTC pioneers and the first browsers we supported on our platform. To meet the needs of of our Enterprise customers we released the OpenTok plugin for Internet Explorer in 2014. Last October, we launched our support for Safari and today we round out our support for the top 5 web browsers with our Edge beta program.

Over the coming months we will continue to test Edge in production and provide feedback to Microsoft to ensure our customers and the end-users of the OpenTok platform have the best experience possible. Feel free to reach out to us with your feedback or contact us to learn more.