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About TokBox
TokBox provides the leading cloud platform for adding live video, voice, and messaging to your web and mobile applications. We believe that integrating real-time communication into products should be simple, whether you’re developing an app for one-to-one calls, group chat, or large-scale broadcast.

Your responsibilities
As a developer evangelist, your job is to inspire and equip developers to change the way the world communicates.

To do this you’ll:

  • Create technical content for publication on a variety of channels including our blog to show developers how to build applications based on OpenTok APIs
  • Harness relationships in the developer community at developer events and niche meetups, showing developers how to implement solutions using our technology
  • Build programs to grow the developer community
  • Write production-quality code, cool prototypes and demos and contribute to open source sample applications, tutorials and tools
  • Tag team with our engineering team to support them in forums and social media
  • Publish content from blog posts to sample apps to video demos

The skills and experiences you’ll need
  • Software development experience in building and delivering web applications, especially using APIs
  • Experience with web and mobile technologies (Java script frameworks, HTML/CSS, OBJ-C, Swift, Java) and back end (Node.js, PHP) with a finger on the pulse of current development technologies
  • Charismatic presentation and speaking skills to inspire developers
  • Awesome technical writing skills writing blog posts on emerging technologies and applications
  • Social hustling skills to simply get out there and talk to people in the Developer Community
  • Solid presence in both the online and offline developer communities already having twitter followers, connections at Meetups, posts of unique and beautiful tech blogs, and contributed to online developer forums (Github, StackOverflow, etc)
Also, if you have experience with WebRTC that would be amazing!

Educational requirements
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science

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