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Revolutionizing online interaction

Learn how our customers are using TokBox technologies to build powerful communication experiences into their websites and applications.

Revolutionizing Online Interactions in Healthcare

Digital technology is booming, and within the healthcare industry this has created a range of new services, from home-health technologies and connected health devices, to online consultation and collaboration. Embedded communications is a key enabling technology fueling this digital revolution in the healthcare industry.

Telehealth providers are providing digital health solutions for home care, remote monitoring, virtual consultations, virtual therapy, and telecoaching, and more, making healthcare more accessible, cost-effective, and convenient.

How Telehealth Providers Innovate with OpenTok

ToxBox is now a part of Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, and our customers are revolutionizing the world of healthcare, building innovative telehealth solutions with our video, security and messaging APIs.

Datasheet: Security and Compliance

Discover how our live video platform facilitates secure interaction between end users, such as patients, doctors and care providers.

White Paper: AI + Live Video: Healthcare

Learn how machines are going where humans can’t with AI and live video for healthcare.

Blog: Key Technology Challenges for the Healthcare Industry

Here’s a look at five key things to consider before you choose any embedded communications platform.

Blog: How SMS Solutions for Business Democratize Health Services

Read about how the healthcare industry has worked to democratize access to its services for those without high devices or smartphones.

Blog: Real-Time Translation Isn’t Sci-Fi Anymore — and Businesses Are Using It

Find out how new technology is bringing the future of healthcare to the present day.

Case Study: Logistics Giant Aramex Innovates Their Last Mile Delivery with Nexmo APIs

Find out how Aramex enhanced the effectiveness of its delivery process and customer experience with our programmable communications.

Case Study: RogerVoice Enables Deaf to Make Voice Calls Using Nexmo SMS API

Read our case study to learn RogerVoice improved mobile communications for the deaf and hard of hearing with Nexmo.

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