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"2nd MD offers easy access to quality care."
Easy online access to leading doctors


2nd.MD is an innovative service that uses live video, powered by he OpenTok platform, to connect patients with leading medical specialists around the world for crucial second opinions when they need them. Without leaving home, users can be connected instantly to an expert of their choice for personalized, secure advice for anything from a change in medication to a new diagnosis.

The Challenge

The organization started after the founders personally experienced the struggle to get a family member the specialist care they needed to recover. They knew that having a second opinion can be vital and having experienced first hand the associated cost and inconvenience, they hoped to give patients in similar situations access to experts thousands of miles away via live video chat.

Why TokBox?

2nd.MD required a service with seamless interoperability between web and mobile endpoints so that it could be used flexibly by different users. The OpenTok platform’s web and mobile SDKs made it easy for 2ndMD to embed secure real-time video into their telehealth applicaiton. The flexibility of the platform enabled 2ndMD to embed these high-quality communications experiences directly into their desired workflows, which include appointment scheduling and image and document uploading.

The Impact

Through the service, patients can get much needed help and the care and support that they need. Speaking to medical experts is no longer limited by where you live and you can get advice from a medical professional based on their expertise - not their address. For doctors and specialists, it is possible to extend their reach and provide quality care to geographically dispersed patients. 2ndMD found that 99% of their users would recommend the service to a friend.

Limitless possibilities

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