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"Blab is changing the way we utilize live-streaming applications."
Live group social streaming


Blab brings an interactive aspect to online social media and streaming. Far from static comments and retweets, allows groups of people to have a live conversation online, via real-time video, about a range of searchable topics. The session is then streamed out to a larger audience. Participants can choose to join or leave conversations, all of which are controlled by a moderator who has the option to record the chat for distribution later on.

The Challenge wanted to create the closest possible experience to face to face interactions in an online setting. They were able to do this with interactive video where people can talk to one another in real time and join or leave conversations. In this social context, video allows for more personal and meaningful conversations between participants and a wider audience.

Why TokBox? needed a platform that would not only enable groups to interact via video together but also allow for large scale streaming. The OpenTok platform makes it easy to host reliable multi-party calls across mobile and desktop. Leveraging OpenTok’s broadcast capabilities, Blab conversations can be live streamed out to hundreds of viewers. Additionally, wanted to give users the option to record their conversations so they chose to leverage TokBox’s recording capabilities.

The Impact

“Blab is changing the way we utilize live-streaming applications. The program allows anyone to be a broadcaster.“- Business2Community

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