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"Offering consultations makes the buying experience much more rewarding for consumers."
Making ball selection a breeze


Bridgestone Golf offers a wide range of products optimized to help golfers improve different aspects of their game. With so many different options and technicalities to consider, it was difficult for customers to pick what they needed without professional assistance. Bridgestone Golf aimed to fix this with B-Fit, a free online consultation service designed to help customers select the perfect golf ball.

The Challenge

In order to extend its capabilities and reach, Bridgestone Golf enhanced B-FIT with video chat capabilities and made it accessible to shoppers in physical stores. B-FIT Video is housed in kiosks featuring twenty-five-inch touchscreens with OpenTok real-time video, allowing customers to consult with an expert in real time.

Why TokBox?

As the OpenTok platform is totally customizable, Bridgestone Golf were able to embed these real-time video capabilities directly into their existing interface. The OpenTok platform is also mobile compatible so it is easy for Bridgestone Golf to extend their reach and for customers to use the service wherever they are. Whether they are using an in-store kiosk or their own devices at home, Bridgestone Gold customers can now get the personalized, expert advice they need from wherever they are.

The Impact

Customers who have used the service have raved about the convenience and unique advantages of face-to-face communications. VP of Marketing at Bridgestone Golf said: ‘Offering in-store consultations with fitting experts adds clarity to the madness and makes the buying experience much more rewarding for consumers.”

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