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"There’s no better way to learn a language than by talking with a native speaker."
Instantly connect with a native speaker


The Cambly app connects English language students with native speakers where they can practice English together via live video chat from their mobile device or computer. Cambly’s network of native speakers customize lessons to suit individual learning goals, whether it’s for professional advancement, travel or self development.

The Challenge

Cambly knew that there’s no better way to learn a language than to talk to a native speaker and that’s not always possible if you’re not in the country. Cambly wanted to connect their users online and offer practice sessions with native English speakers through high quality video chat right in the browser. With just one click users can connect instantly with a native speaker for valuable conversation time and advice.

Why TokBox?

Cambly turned to TokBox as they wanted to directly embed reliable live video and voice communications that would be available to users across a range of different devices. OpenTok’s web & mobile SDKs make it possible for Cambly users to connect from wherever they are with their device of choice. Along with superior connection quality and seamless integration, a key reason the founders chose OpenToken to power Cambly’s live video, is its ability to record. Leveraging OpenTok’s recording capabilities, Cambly makes it possible to record every learning session so students can capture and playback their conversations at any time to really hone in and refine their fluency.

The Impact

By embedding live video, Cambly transports students to an English speaker’s world, recreating an overseas experience in their native country. When conversing in any language, body language and nonverbal cues add a deeper level of understanding, and live video brings this richness to learning English on the Cambly platform.

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