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Chegg Tutors offers an e-learning platform that connects students with expert tutors for assistance on a range of subjects at a range of different levels. Chegg offers an engine that manages the whole process, from finding a tutor, the online classroom session, recording and billing.

The Challenge

Content offered by e-learning platforms has traditionally been static – such as a recorded lecture or class notes. While very useful, static content does not allow students to engage with materials or topics as they would in a classroom. Chegg created an interactive and engaging online classroom service where students can have access to subject matter experts no matter where they are. In turn, tutors can offer their services to a wider range of students vi real-time video.

Why TokBox?

Chegg Tutors wanted to make it as easy and seamless as possible for students to go from viewing content to connecting with a tutor. Instead of forcing their users to navigate away from the lesson content to use a third party application, Chegg embedded real-time video, audio and text chat, powered by OpenTok, directly into their collaboration tools. This means that students can talk with their selected tutors while also sharing their screen, files and work on an interactive whiteboard, without ever leaving the site. Furthermore, using OpenTok’s recording capabilities sessions can be recorded so that students can playback the lesson at a later date, or even for support and compliance records.

The Impact

By leveraging real-time video for online tutoring classes, not only were tutors able to extend their reach using, students had access to a larger and more affordable knowledge base. Without the constraints of in person meetings, students and tutors alike also have the flexibility to arrange lessons at convenient times, wherever they are.

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