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"Telepresence is making remote work more effective and productive."
Wheels for your iPad


Double Robotics offers telepresence robots that enables more true to life remote collaboration experiences. They created a the Double Robot, an ultra-slick iPad on wheels controlled via remote web interface or from any iOS device.

The Challenge

Today, we often have to be somewhere else in the world, whether it’s a meeting across the city or an office on the other side of the world. But it’s not always possible, or affordable, to get there. Double wanted to allow workers to interact more realistically with their workers overseas, and children to be able to have a physical presence in the classroom, even when they can’t make it there in person.

Why TokBox?

By combining OpenTok’s real-time video with Double’s advanced robotics, Double have created a simple and elegant way to be somewhere else in the world. The OpenTok platform powers Double’s video streams between users and integrates seamlessly into the robot's interface. The Double even provides including the ability to stay at eye level by adjust your height remotely, making conversations fluid and real. Double Robotics CEO, David Cann, said "Low-latency, high-quality, encrypted video is a top priority for our product. OpenTok’s WebRTC SDK is the only solution that meets and exceeds all of these requirements on both iOS and the web. OpenTok helps deliver a better user experience to our customers!"

The Impact

"We built our product around the OpenTok platform because it was, and continues to be, the best and most innovative WebRTC platform. Without TokBox's developer-friendly and flexible OpenTok SDK, we would not be able to offer many of the key features of our driving interface." - David Cann, CEO, Double Robotics.

Limitless possibilities

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