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We are proud to announce that TokBox is now part of Nexmo - the Vonage API Platform.
We are proud to announce that TokBox is now part of Nexmo - the Vonage API Platform.
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"Sports fans nowadays want to be involved at a much higher level."
Bringing fans closer to the action


With College Football being one of the most popular sports in America, Fox Sports wanted to find a way to bring fans closer to the action. That’s why they built Huddle, a weekly interactive online broadcast where college football fans, players, managers and experts can meet face-to-face.

The Challenge

Fox Sports wanted to connect fans with their heroes by enabling audiences to talk directly with the players and coaches. Fox Sports Huddle incorporates live feeds from the studio together with real-time video streams from fans at home to create an interactive online video talk show that can be broadcast to a larger online audience directly from foxsports.com.

Why TokBox?

In order to make it as easy as possible for fans to talk to their favourite sports idols, Fox used TokBox’s Interactive Broadcast Solution which requires no hardware, software, downloads or plugins. It was also important for Fox Sports to be able to easily record the content. Using recording capabilities that are built in to the Interactive Broadcast Solution, Fox Sports can create high quality, TV-ready content that can be rebroadcast.

The Impact

‘Leveraging TokBox’s Interactive Broadcast Solution, Fox Sports is giving fans a unique chance to be part of the action by creating direct interaction with our hosts and guests on a weekly basis’, Fox Sports Digital VP of Sales Integration.

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