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"In The Rooms are saving lives daily with their online support groups."
A global recovery community


In The Rooms is the world’s largest recovery social network that allows recovering addicts to connect with others across the globe. The service allows members to host and participate in forum discussions, post articles and videos and ask for confidential help.

The Challenge

In order to provide the highest level of online support, In The Rooms chose to embed real-time communications powered by The OpenTok platform. This allows users to enter virtual video meetings anonymously and connect with other recovering addicts. By enabling remote access to live, personalized support, In The Rooms could offer an engaging experience to their users, where community members could get the same support online that they would in face to face sessions.

Why TokBox?

The OpenTok platform gives In The Rooms the flexibility they need to enable large groups of users to connect, using OpenTok’s multi-party capabilities. When larger scale sessions are required, In The Rooms leverages OpenTok’s broadcast capabilities to live stream motivational speakers and sessions. These sessions can also be archived for later distribution using The OpenTok platform’s recording capabilities. Privacy & security were also very important to In The Rooms The OpenTok platform also enables users to remain anonymous if they choose by turning off their video stream.

The Impact

In The Rooms are saving lives daily with their online support groups where members can connect and create meaningful and supportive relationships from the comfort of their own homes. Members have benefited enormously from the ability to virtually connect face to face and to seek and offer advice from others as though they were together in the same room.

Limitless possibilities

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