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"We wanted to bring the personal connection and trust back into the relationship we build with financial advisors."
Making personal finance personal again


Live Wire is one of the fastest­-growing online tax preparation services. It provides a fast, easy, convenient and affordable alternative to do­-it-­yourself tax return preparation, software, independent tax preparers and tax stores.

The Challenge

Live Wire aimed to add the human element back into online personal finance while also saving their customers time and money, and maximizing their return. They built a concierge tax preparation service leveraging live video to connect users with tax preparers on any device, anywhere that they have an internet connection. Live Wire users can get quick and easy access to dedicated specialists across the country for free.

Why TokBox?

Live Wire needed a platform that would work and interoperate across different endpoints to give their users the flexibility to use the service whenever and wherever they needed. Using OpenTok’s web & mobile SDKs means that Live Wire customers can use their own laptops, tablets or smartphones wherever they are to instantly access a specialist. Leveraging the OpenTok platform, Live Wire also enables users to access the video calls without downloading any additional software. Real-time video is embedded seamlessly into the context of their service so that users and advisers can share their screens, files and collaborate together.

The Impact

Live Wire has made it easy to identify, connect and engage with a financial professional in seconds. The service has proven to save users valuable time and money when preparing their taxes. Whereas the average national spend on taxes if $261, the average Live Wire customer spends just $153.

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