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"Maven is a godsend for women."
A digital clinic for women on the go


Maven is the first digital clinic for women, allowing users to schedule virtual appointments with a range of different medical practitioners. App users enter information about their medical request or question, and are matched with a series of appropriate providers. They are then connected via live video to an expert of their choice and can chat securely using their own device.

The Challenge

In the past, it has been a struggle for many women to have to take time out of their busy schedules to make an appointment and travel to a doctor’s office for a consultation, all for something as simple as a prescription question. Maven wanted to provide a healthcare service that would fit in with their users’ busy lives, making it easier for women to get access to the health care services that they need, wherever and whenever they need them.

Why TokBox?

With so many of its users constantly on the go - flexibility was a priority for Maven. They wanted a mobile focussed solution to give women the ability to have an appointment anywhere and at any time - straight from their smartphone. That’s why they used OpenTok’s mobile SDKs, which made it easy to embed secure and reliable video directly into their mobile application. Without traveling to the doctor's office, Maven users can securely and conveniently connect with medical professionals and get expert advice with just a few taps of their phones.

The Impact

Using live video embedded directly within the Maven app, users can get the medical answers they need in ten minutes, without ever leaving home or the office. Saving precious time is vital for its users, with Style Bistro describing the service as a ‘godsend for women’. Maven users also save money; consultation costs have dropped down to as little as $18.

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