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"Minerva brings innovation in higher education through effective communication."
A new way to learn


Minerva is a leading and progressive university offering innovative learning paths for its students. At Minerva, all classes are taught as small discussion-based seminars, with around 19 students per class, using its Active Learning Forum™ technology platform which enables educators to conduct each class via live video.

The Challenge

The Minerva project aims to reinvent the university experience through offering exclusively online courses to their students. When building its online education offering, Minerva knew it needed to cater to individualized learning paths and the technologies that support them. Live video was an essential element to its learning platform to enable students and teachers from around the world to interact and collaborate face-to-face, wherever they are.

Why TokBox?

Where e-learning platforms have traditionally relied on third party applications to power live video, Minerva aimed to create a more seamless learning experience. They chose to build on top of the OpenTok platform due to its ability to embed live video directly into the learning platform and context of its student’s work. Leveraging OpenTok’s multi-party capabilities, they were able create seamless learning experiences where students and teachers can connect and interact in creative new ways including collaborative breakout clusters, real-time simulations, as well as more traditional tutorial discussions all from within their learning spaces.

The Impact

By using OpenTok to embed live video directly within its learning platform, Minerva creates engaging and alternative learning experiences from flexible hours to group collaboration. Integrated, in-context live video has improved student engagement and enhanced learning.

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