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"The technical challenge of building and managing a reliable, high quality, interactive video service at massive scale would have been next to impossible all on our own. We met TokBox at the exact moment we were confronting this challenge. Thanks to TokBox we can count on delivering a quality video service at scale and focus on what we do best."
Ben Pasternak
Founder / MONKEY


Monkey is one of the leading mobile apps pioneering a whole new generation of social networking built around interactive live video. The young founders of Monkey believe that while traditional social networks might be great for staying in touch with friends and classmates, they’re not designed for making new ones. So, they built Monkey to help teenagers find and develop new friendships by live video chat.

Monkey is a place for people to have fun chats with others from all over the world. The app pairs together random users of a similar age where they connect by live video in short 10 second bursts. If the users are enjoying the chat, they can choose to carry on the conversation with a mutual tap of an emoji in the app, or become friends on Snapchat. If after ten seconds, both users haven’t hit the button to continue chatting, the conversation ends and the app will generate a new pair of potential friends from Monkey’s rapidly growing global user base.

The Challenge

As well as randomly video chatting, Monkey helps users find new friends faster through discovery features with filters based on age, gender, location and hashtags. The app has taken off amongst millennials who make up the majority of Monkey’s 3 million users who have made 2 billion video calls to one another. This younger generation grew up consuming media on smartphones and tablets, and are increasingly using mobile apps like Monkey to communicate for the sole purposes of entertainment.

Why TokBox?

The most successful social apps attract millions of users from every corner of the world. For social apps offering interactive live video, this level of scale comes with significant technology challenges. Monkey’s founders knew the key to success was ensuring users had great experience every time, and that includes being able to deliver quality, reliable video to millions of people at a time. Monkey needed one more key ingredient to bring its community alive – quality, scalable interactive video. But building – and managing – interactive live video is no easy technological feat. There’s ongoing quality control and a high volume of concurrent sessions, all on mobile.

The Impact

TokBox’s interactive live video platform removes the huge technological distraction of live video. For Monkey, being able to offer reliable live video was key to its user experience. By integrating TokBox’s API and SDKs for iOS, Monkey was able to create an application that lets users seamlessly video chat with millions of users at any given time. With live video running smoothly on the TokBox platform, the team can now focus on growing its app and delivering a great experience for its troop of Monkeys around the world.

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