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"Calgary has enabled doctors to effectively collaborate on medical records."
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Calgary Scientific specializes in transforming enterprise-class software into web & mobile enabled platforms. Their latest offering for medical organizations, Resolution MD, is cloud based medical imaging software that allows doctors and specialists to securely share and view patient images and reports from any computer or device, while collaborating remotely.

The Challenge

Calgary Scientific aimed to create a true to life experience that enabled medical professionals to collaborate as efficiently as possible. They wanted to create a service whereby medical professionals could share data and images, and perform effective remote medical diagnosis. In order to create a service that was as good as two medical professionals working together in the same room, Calgary Scientific needed to embed secure, reliable, high quality video communications directly into the context of the information being shared.

Why TokBox?

By choosing OpenTok’s web and mobile SDKs, Calgary Scientific were able to seamlessly embed synchronous audio and video communications into the context of the rich medical data. With interoperability across web and mobile endpoints, Calgary Scientific made it possible for healthcare professionals to view files and collaborate from any device. Privacy and security were also critically important to Calgary Scientific and with TokBox’s secure, encrypted platform, the security and privacy of the patient could be ensured. What’s more, as doctors can join a cloud-hosted session instead of downloading a file, the medical records do not need to be moved - ensuring regulation can be met.

The Impact

By embedding video into their innovative solution, Calgary has enabled doctors to effectively collaborate on medical records. This means that vital second opinions and critical consultations can be held without doctors needing to be in the same room.

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