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Revolutionizing the healthcare industry, making remote healthcare more engaging and accessible.
Simpler, more engaging telemedicine


Kubi from Revolve Robotics is a telepresence robot that aims to bring a more engaging human element to telemedicine. Instead of other more complicated telemedicine tools, Kubi offers a tablet mounted on a remotely controlled robot and an easy-to-use app that enables remote users to look around, assess the situation and engage with patients face to face.

The Challenge

Revolve Robotics aimed to take the complexity away from costly telemedicine systems that are predominantly offered in the healthcare industry and to bring back the human element. They wanted to offer medical professionals and patients a simple and more human way to connect. The result is Kubi, a telepresence robot that combines real-time communications with powerful robotics that simplifies patient interactions of all kinds and makes video calls more engaging.

Why TokBox?

The video app required a flexible and easily customizable API that could be integrated with their advanced robotics. By leveraging the OpenTok platform, Revolve Robotics could ensure they had the flexibility they needed without compromising on quality video calls. Users are able to have an engaging, interactive conversation as they pan and tilt the iPad by controlling Kubi over the web.

The Impact

The ability to look around and interact with others during video calls leads to improved remote healthcare. Kubi robots can be found in care homes, doctors’ offices, hospitals and more to enable a range of telemedicine use cases. Receptionists can virtually manage multiple waiting rooms simultaneously; a specialist can examine a hospital patient from the other side of the country; and patients with mobility challenges can get the care they need without leaving the comfort of their own home. By integrating TokBox’s industry-leading real time communications platform with advanced robotics, Kubi is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, making remote healthcare more engaging and accessible.

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