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"Our aim is to offer an immersive experience, which requires the best possible live video."
Tabletop gaming online


Launched in 2012, Roll20 provides a virtual tabletop, so anyone can set up and play a game against friends and challengers around the world. The platform simulates sitting around a table and is ideal for games from traditional paper RPG through to board games.

The Challenge

Traditional online tabletop games weren’t built for social interactions - someone could play an entire round of blackjack online without saying a word to their opponent. Roll20 wanted to avoid the anti-social pitfalls of online gaming, to bring back the communication and community aspects of gaming and to create truly engaging experiences for their users. In order to achieve this, Roll 20 looked to embed real time communications in order to allow gamers to interact while playing.

Why TokBox?

It was important to Roll 20 that communications could be seamlessly embedded into their gaming interface. That’s why Roll 20 leveraged the fully customizable OpenTok platform to enhance storytelling and bring player groups together. They provide a range of communications tools including video and text chat capabilities, player journals, background music, and a real-time shared graphical tabletop. Using OpenTok’s multi-party capabilities, Roll 20 makes it possible for large groups to meet and play together on the site via via, creating a more true to life group gaming experience.

The Impact

Roll 20 user numbers continue to grow as they enjoy the unique benefits of real-time communications embedded directly into their gaming environment. Roll 10 co-founder, Nolan T. Jones said “Our aim is to offer an immersive experience, which requires the best possible live video. There was no doubt WebRTC offered a great opportunity but we required a platform that was able to handle multiple participants and all the quality, bandwidth and management complexities that come with that, and we found OpenTok was the clear choice.”

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