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"TokBox offered a compelling proposition as a pure play WebRTC Platform Service, which is exactly what we were looking for when selecting a video technology for our Collaboration Suite. Our developers were impressed with the cleanliness of the APIs and had the service integrated in no time"
Jens Rabe,
CMO, Unblu inc.
In person experiences online


Unblu’s aim is to help their customers to transform the way their online business is done. They provide customer collaboration software in order to create in person banking experiences online. Its technology has been proven to cut customer support calls in half, achieve four times as many client meetings as in branches and increase customer satisfaction considerably.

The Challenge

When it comes to service, customer standards are continuing to change. There is the increasing expectation of customer service and financial advice when it is convenient for customers, not banks. In order to move with the ever-changing and increasingly online financial services industry, Unblu aimed to offer a new and innovative approach to customer collaboration services. In addition to their existing collaboration suite which catered for live assistance in the form of text chat and co-browsing, Unblu wanted to embed live video capabilities in order to enable more meaningful interactions online.

Why TokBox?

Unblu needed a flexible partner to be able to tackle the continuously developing financial industry. TokBox provided Unblu with a flexible platform that could be seamlessy embedded and customized into their existing collaboration suite. Security and trust were also important to Unblu, especially given the highly regulated industry they work in. That’s why TokBox’s Telefonica-backed infrastructure was important to them.

The Impact

For Unblu, TokBox has enabled the expansion into new business avenues, such as account opening for banks. Many of the clients purchasing the Unblu collaboration suite make the availability of an easy to use, pay as you go video proposition a mandatory requirement in their decision making. The use of TokBox has improved customer engagement and allowed clients who are still in the process of deploying video chat options to do so with effective support.

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