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"Yogaia brings you yoga lessons in your pocket. The perfect solution to practicing your moves at any time."
Live online yoga


Yogaia is the world’s first interactive online Yoga Studio. They provide yoga that ‘bends around your life’ – so that you can practice from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

The Challenge

Practising yoga around your busy schedule can be very challenging. Other things get in the way, and there’s isn’t always a class or instructor available when it suits you. Yogaia wanted to change this – enabling Yogis around the world to take classes at convenient times, from the comfort of their own home from remote instructors.

Why TokBox?

Yogaia needed a live video solution with great flexibility so they could control who can see video streams in group sessions. Through the flexibility of the OpenTok API, they ensure that the teacher can see and correct all users at the same time – but users cannot see each other. By using The OpenTok platform’s interoperable web and mobile SDKs, Yogaia can also ensure high quality video that’s available across devices. This enables effective interaction between student and teacher so class takers can be corrected and ask questions in real-time, from their laptop or iPad. Using the archiving capabilities of the OpenTok platform, Yogaia are able to record and distribute sessions so users can get access to classes if they are unavailable at the scheduled time.

The Impact

Leveraging real time video enables Yogaia to host more than 100 new online yoga classes every week, which are available around the clock. Plus, it’s much more affordable with a whole month of Yogaia for the price of just one regular studio class. Customers have grown to love the service and it’s already won awards. One user says: “During each class the two-way webcam enables you to receive feedback from the teacher, wherever they might be. You follow; they correct your form. Simple.”

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