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IP addresses

TokBox maintains a list of IP address blocks associated with the platform components. TokBox shares this information with select enterprise customers who need to know IP addresses of TokBox servers in order limit exposure of their network to trusted end-points only. This list includes the following components:

TokBox will support enterprise customers with above-mentioned requirements by sharing the published list of IP address blocks. TokBox will also have a process in place to manage updates to the IP address blocks without disrupting service.

TokBox will provide a 90-day advance notice to customers using the published IP address blocks. But in case of an unexpected event where additional capacity needs to be added immediately to handle a surge in traffic or other business and operational decisions that result in a change in IP address blocks, TokBox will not adhere to the 90-day advance notice. In these cases, Customers would be expected to use the updated list of IP address blocks published by TokBox. Failure to stay up-to-date with the latest IP address blocks published by TokBox will lead to disruption of service.


The above guarantee is only available to customers using OpenTok Enterprise clients and the OpenTok Enterprise server environment. So please ensure the following:

Client SDK settings

To use the allowed IP list, you need to set an option in the OpenTok client SDK:

These options are available in version 2.15.0+ of the OpenTok client SDKs.

Getting the TokBox Allowed IP list

The TokBox Allowed IPs list is available for enterprise partners:

  1. View your TokBox account page.

  2. Click the Account Settings link in the left-hand menu.

  3. Under Account add-ons, see the Allowed IPs section, which includes the list of allowed IP addresses used by OpenTok.

Please go ahead and allow the IP addresses listed in your firewalls.

Contact us if you have any questions.