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Fast Tracks

Build your OpenTok application faster with a personalized development plan

Open Your Fast Track

This page covers the following topics:


Fast Tracks provide a quick and easy way to plan out the development process for your OpenTok application. Simply answer a few questions about the application you’re trying to build, and our system will automatically generate a custom Fast Track, complete with the steps you’ll need to take to get your app up and running, along with links to helpful documentation for each step.

After creating a Fast Track, it will always be accessible in the top left corner of the Developer Center. Simply click on the Fast Track widget to open up your track. As you complete steps in your track, you can check them off as complete, and the progress bar in your Fast Track widget will be updated.

Saving your Fast Track

You can create a Fast Track without signing into your TokBox account, but it will only be stored temporarily in your browser. If you want to save your Fast Track for viewing in other browsers and devices, simply log in or sign up for an account - this will automatically save your current Fast Track to your TokBox account.

Editing your Fast Track

If you want to make changes to your original Fast Track selections, simply click on the Fast Track widget in the top left of the Developer Center, then click the edit/pencil icon. This will bring up the Fast Track form, which will again ask you for information about the app you’re trying to build. After submitting the edit form, your Fast Track will be updated.

In addition to editing your Fast Track, you can also delete it. Deleting your track will remove it from your account, and you will no longer be able to access it. If you accidentally delete your Fast Track or decide you want it back, you can simply create a new track with the same selections as the original.


We use cookies to track your Fast Track selections and progress. We also tie this data to your TokBox account to help improve our service. For information about how we collect data, see our Privacy Policy.


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