Class BaseVideoRenderer.Frame

    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      protected java.nio.ByteBuffer buffer  
      protected com.opentok.otc.otc_video_frame_format format  
      protected int height  
      protected long internalBuffer  
      protected byte[] metadata  
      protected boolean mirrored  
      protected int uvStride  
      protected int width  
      protected int yStride  
    • Constructor Summary

      Modifier Constructor Description
      protected Frame()  
    • Field Detail

      • internalBuffer

        protected long internalBuffer
      • buffer

        protected java.nio.ByteBuffer buffer
      • format

        protected com.opentok.otc.otc_video_frame_format format
      • width

        protected int width
      • height

        protected int height
      • mirrored

        protected boolean mirrored
      • yStride

        protected int yStride
      • uvStride

        protected int uvStride
      • metadata

        protected byte[] metadata
    • Constructor Detail

      • Frame

        protected Frame()
    • Method Detail

      • recycle

        public void recycle()
        If you want to free the memory of a frame you can just set the reference to null and wait the GC to collect it
      • finalize

        protected void finalize()
                         throws java.lang.Throwable
        finalize in class java.lang.Object
      • destroy

        public void destroy()
        Free all resources associated to this frame. Buffer is null after calling destroy
      • getBuffer

        public java.nio.ByteBuffer getBuffer()
        Returns the byte buffer containing the video frame data, which is in I420 format.
      • getWidth

        public int getWidth()
        Returns the width of the video frame, in pixels.
      • getHeight

        public int getHeight()
        Returns the height of the video frame, in pixels.
      • getFormat

        public int getFormat()
      • isMirroredX

        public boolean isMirroredX()
        Whether the video frame is mirrored about the x-axis (true) or not (false).
      • getYstride

        public int getYstride()
      • getUvStride

        public int getUvStride()
      • getMetadata

        public byte[] getMetadata()
        Returns the metadata associated with the frame if any, as a byte array.
      • getYplane

        public java.nio.ByteBuffer getYplane()
      • getUplane

        public java.nio.ByteBuffer getUplane()
      • getVplane

        public java.nio.ByteBuffer getVplane()
      • getYplaneSize

        public int getYplaneSize()
      • getUVplaneSize

        public int getUVplaneSize()
      • convertInPlace

        public void convertInPlace​(java.nio.ByteBuffer yPlane,
                                   java.nio.ByteBuffer uPlane,
                                   java.nio.ByteBuffer vPlane,
                                   int yStride,
                                   int uvStride)