Interface SubscriberKit.StreamListener

    • Method Detail

      • onDisconnected

        void onDisconnected​(SubscriberKit subscriber)
        Called when the subscriber's stream has been interrupted.

        In response to this method being called, you may want to provide a user interface notification, to let the user know that the audio-video stream is temporarily disconnected and the app is trying to reconnect to the stream.

        If the client reconnects to the stream, the onReconnected(SubscriberKit subscriber) method is called.

        subscriber - The subscriber.
      • onAudioEnabled

        default void onAudioEnabled​(SubscriberKit subscriber)
        Called when the subscriber's audio stream starts (when there previously was no audio) or resumes (after audio was disabled).
        subscriber - The instance invoking this call.
      • onAudioDisabled

        default void onAudioDisabled​(SubscriberKit subscriber)
        Called when the subscriber stops receiving audio.
        subscriber - The instance invoking this call.