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otc_publisher_rtc_stats_report_cb Struct Reference

#include <publisher.h>

Data Fields

void * user_data
void(* on_rtc_stats_report )(otc_publisher *publisher, void *user_data, const struct otc_publisher_rtc_stats *stats, size_t entries)
void * reserved

Detailed Description

Defines the struct for setting the publisher RTC stats report callack.

See also

Field Documentation

◆ on_rtc_stats_report

void(* on_rtc_stats_report) (otc_publisher *publisher, void *user_data, const struct otc_publisher_rtc_stats *stats, size_t entries)

Defines the callback function for getting subscriber RTC stats reports.

publisherThe instance invoking this call.
statsA pointer to an array defining the RTC statistics for the publisher. For a routed session (a seesion that uses the OpenTok Media Router), this array includes one element, defining the statistics for the single video media stream that is sent to the OpenTok Media Router. In a relayed session, the array includes an object for each subscriber to the published stream.
entriesThe size of the stats array.

◆ user_data

void* user_data

Pointer to user custom data bound to this struct.