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otc_signal_options Struct Reference

#include <session.h>

Data Fields

otc_bool retry_after_reconnect

Detailed Description

Session signal options.

This struct represents options associated with an OpenTok signal. See otc_session_send_signal_with_options and otc_session_send_signal_to_connection_with_options.

Field Documentation

◆ retry_after_reconnect

otc_bool retry_after_reconnect

Upon reconnecting to the session, whether to send any signals that were initiated while disconnected. If your client loses its connection to the OpenTok session, due to a drop in network connectivity, the client attempts to reconnect to the session, and the {} callback function is invoked. By default, signals initiated while disconnected are sent when (and if) the client reconnects to the OpenTok session. You can prevent this by setting the retry_after_reconnect member to OTC_FALSE. (The default setting is OTC_TRUE.)