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Hardware & Software Setup
Connectivity to OpenTok Servers
Expected Call Quality

Hardware & Software Setup


Move something in view of the camera to check that it is working.


Say something in the microphone to check that it is working.

Browser Compatibility

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Connectivity to OpenTok Servers

OpenTok API Server - Test Failed

Connects to OpenTok and used for session initialization and signaling.

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OpenTok Messaging WebSocket - Test Failed

Clients send and receive OpenTok session-related messages using this WebSocket.

OpenTok Media Server - Test Failed

Clients send audio and video to our media server for intelligent and efficient routing to their destination.

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OpenTok Logging Server - Test Failed

Our logging server collects anonymized data about quality and possible errors.

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Expected Call Quality

Error running call quality test

Determining video quality...

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  • Video Packet Loss: Loading
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Determining audio quality...

  • Audio Packet Loss: Loading
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The pre-call quality test is not supported in this version of Edge.
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Precall Results Summary