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Well done - you've just added archiving to your video chat app!

Check out these tutorials to build more advanced capabilities into your app.

Text Chat Tutorial

You will learn how to add text chat capabilities to the application for JavaScript, iOS, or Android.

More resources to help you build

There's more you can do with OpenTok. Check out the resources below for information on how to build for the web, iOS, and Android.

Core Concepts

Learn about the OpenTok platform, the languages we support with our client SDKs and server SDKs, the architecture of our platform, and more.

Developer Guides

More tutorials on how to build with the OpenTok platform, including handling exceptions, security considerations, and debugging.

Client SDKs

Learn about and download our client SDKs for iOS, Android, and Web

Server SDKs

Learn about and download our server SDKs in Java, Node.js, Python, .Net, PHP, and Ruby.


Learn about tools to help improve your OpenTok-powered application.

Want to learn how to build for mobile?

Start for iOS Start for Android