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Provides the mechanism for controlling the published screen-sharing stream. In order to access the screen publisher, you will need to start screen sharing first. By default, screen sharing doesn’t share audio. In order to share audio from a browser tab, the user who shares the screen must check the option “Share audio” in Chrome when the screen/tab dialog selector shows up. You can access the ScreenPublisher object via the screen property of the Room object, as follows:

await room.startScreensharing('screenSharingContainer');
const { screen } = room;

screen.on('stopped', () => {
  console.log('The screen sharing has stopped');

screen.on('started', () => {
  console.log('The screen sharing has started');

screen.on('audioLevelUpdated', (audioLevel) => {
  console.log('Audio level: ', audioLevel);



Name Description
(void) disableAudio () Disables the audio track.
(void) disableVideo () Disables the video track.
(void) enableAudio () Enables the audio track.
(void) enableVideo () Enables the video track.
(boolean) isAudioEnabled () Returns true when the audio track is enabled. Otherwise it returns false.
(boolean) isVideoEnabled () Returns true when the video track is enabled. Otherwise it returns false.
(void) setDisabledImageURI (disabledImageURI) Accepts an image URI (string) and updates the publisher backgroundImageURI property. Currently supported image formats include: PNG, JPEG, or a non-animated GIF. You can also use the data URI scheme and pass in base-64-encrypted PNG data or SVG data. If the URL or image data is invalid, the property is ignored and a default image is set. Returns void.


Name Description
audioLevelUpdated Emits audioLevel (Number). Dispatched periodically by the screen publisher to indicate the audio level. This event is dispatched up to 60 times per second, depending on the browser. The audioLevel value is the audio level, from 0 to 1.0.
started Dispatched when the screen publisher starts screen sharing. This event does not emit anything.
stopped Dispatched when the screen publisher stops screen sharing. This event does not emit anything.