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Whatever your business, product, or service may be, communication is key.

Learn how organizations like yours are integrating live-video, voice, and messaging technology to transform their industries, and how the OpenTok platform can help you facilitate more engaging interactions with your audience.


Educational organizations are investing increasingly in WebRTC to add new and lasting experiences to traditional online education. Learn how TokBox can help you make education more affordable, interactive, and engaging.

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Keeping healthcare professionals connected with their patients and each other facilitates knowledge sharing and increases well-being. This has never been easier thanks to WebRTC technology. Learn how the OpenTok platform can help you increase engagement and broaden the reach of your healthcare apps.

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Financial Services

With more consumers turning to online banking, financial experts and institutions are using real-time communications to offer highly personalized services. Learn how OpenTok’s WebRTC-based platform can help you deliver secure, high-touch interactions for portfolio management, retirement planning, and more.

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Customer Service

Today’s consumers have come to expect a highly personalized service experience. Learn how the OpenTok platform’s flexible, feature-rich interface can help you offer your customers a more engaging experience, resulting in increased satisfaction and retention.

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Field Services

Seamless communication and collaboration is especially important for organizations with distributed mobile and BYOD-enabled workforces. See how OpenTok can help you create a collaborative “see-what-I-see” experience, increasing resolution times all without a second appointment or on-site support.

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Call Center Software

Improve and distinguish your call center software by embedding powerful video, voice, and messaging capabilities. Learn how the OpenTok platform can be integrated with your existing infrastructure and business logic to help you connect your clients with their customers in a more personalized way.

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Workforce Management

Real-time communications allow colleagues to collaborate whether they’re in the office, in the field, or halfway across the globe. Learn how the OpenTok platform can help you increase efficiency by keeping your remote and mobile workforces connected.

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Professional Services

Experts and industry professionals are using WebRTC to offer high-touch services to an increasing range of customers. Learn how the OpenTok platform can help you expand your business’s reach, use time more efficiently, and keep clients happy.

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As online shopping continues to dominate the consumer market, retailers are turning to real-time communications to engage more deeply with their customers. Learn how the OpenTok platform can help you create exceptional levels of service and a custom-tailored experience for your customers.

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True-to-life gaming experiences keep your players engaged and active in the community. Learn how to leverage real-time video, voice, and text-chat capabilities using the OpenTok platform to enrich virtual game playing, e-sports, live streaming, and more.

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Media & Entertainment

High-quality real-time voice and video is giving new meaning to audience participation. Learn how the OpenTok platform can help you create authentic and unforgettable connections between celebrities, brands, and fans of both.

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With the ability to stream feature-rich, high quality live video from anywhere with any device to a large audience you can widen your reach and enable greater levels of participation. See how you can leverage the OpenTok platform to entertain and engage your audience.

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Branding & Advertising

Allowing customers to interact directly with your brand through live-video experiences transforms tired one-way marketing campaigns. Learn how OpenTok can help you engage customers and drive repeat purchases with exciting brand interactions.

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