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As audiences seek to consume and interact with rich, real-time online content, businesses and brands are looking for new ways to provide this content to an ever-expanding user base. Whether for a virtual real-time auction, a celebrity meet and greet, or a large seminar, the OpenTok platform enables greater levels of participation. With rich and reliable real-time video that scales to accommodate a large audience, as well as archiving capabilities, you can connect to more people and guarantee a wider reach for your content.

  • Allows for completely real-time broadcast, without latency.
  • Scales to create as many live-stream connections as needed.
  • Allows for content to be recorded, stored, and shared easily.
  • Enables easy access—no login required.
Use Cases

Enable rich, interactive seminars with greater levels of collaboration. Create an adaptable interface to keep the speaker front and center, facilitate content sharing, and keep all participants connected and optimized for quality.

Media & Entertainment

Entertain and engage your audience in new and innovative ways by allowing them to interact directly with their heroes. Powered by OpenTok, these high-quality, unforgetable conversations use authentic audience participation to increase brand loyalty.

Live Events

Leverage the OpenTok platform to broadcast your event to a wider, more engaged audience. Spectators can watch, connect, and interact in real time using rich video, voice and messaging capabilities. They can also record and store the content, allowing them to share it with an even larger audience.

Live Sales

Extend your sales reach and fully engage your audience by integrating live video, voice and messaging capabilities into your sales platform. Enable buyers to bid at a virtual auction or ask product-related questions within the context of your existing website or app.

Core Features
  • Video
  • Voice
  • Messaging
  • Screen Sharing
  • Archiving
  • Annontation
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