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Redefine community engagement


As online gaming booms, companies are looking for new ways to keep their user community excited, engaged, and socially active. By integrating real-time communications into existing gaming platforms and creating entirely new experiences, companies are increasing player participation, collaboration, and social sharing.

With feature-rich, real-time video, companies can create collaborative multi-party sessions, broadcast games to an audience, or create virtual tabletop games, giving gamers a true-to-life, engaging experience.

  • Enables rich multi-party games.
  • Allows for seamless virtual games across all major devices and operating systems.
  • Powers richer collaboration experiences with video, voice, and text-chat capabilities.
  • Allows for virtual games to be shared or live-streamed with larger audiences with one-to-many and broadcast options.
Use Cases

Allow players to capture gameplay video and stream competitions live online. Enable viewers to interact these experiences using high-quality video and archiving capabilities.

Electronic Sports

Bring e-sports to life for players and audiences with real-time video and live streaming capabilities.

Virtual Tabletop

Give your players the opportunity to enjoy online the same great experience they have with tabletop games, increasing interaction, storytelling, and WebRTC-powered camaraderie.

Online Gambling

Whether it’s watching out for a nervous twitch or a bead of sweat on an opponent’s face, in-person interactions with opponents are half the fun of poker. Re-introduce these real-world clues to online poker through OpenTok-powered real-time video streams between players.

Core Features
  • Video
  • Voice
  • Messaging
  • Screen Sharing
  • Archiving
  • Annontation
Limitless possibilities

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