What is the OpenTok platform?

The OpenTok platform gives developers the power of a full-featured, live, face-to-face video platform without the hassle of developing, maintaining, and monitoring the infrastructure that is usually associated with the task. OpenTok uses WebRTC for audio-video communications. (See our WebRTC FAQ.)

With client libraries available for the web, iOS, and Android platforms, developers can build fully interoperable face-to-face video applications with a few lines of code.

The OpenTok platform is composed of two parts:

  • OpenTok client-side libraries, which are available for JavaScript, iOS, and Android — These client-side libraries integrate the video streams within the web page or mobile app experience.
  • OpenTok server SDKs, available in Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, Node.js — These provide a simple interface to create video chat sessions and to authenticate users.

Let's start by taking a look at the OpenTok API Architecture at a high level.