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Easily record live calls for later playback.

Our industry-leading Archiving API enables secure call recording.

How you can use it
  • Store conversations for monitoring and auditing.
  • Create content for distribution. Ex. Interview someone once, distribute it to your whole team.
  • Allow for quality control by recording and monitoring customer service calls.
Recording in Real Time

Our archiving capability enables you to record your calls in real time which means you can access your archives immediately.

Automated Distribution

Archives are pushed directly to your Amazon S3 or Windows Azure account, with the OpenTok Cloud serving as an optional 72-hour backup.

High Quality

Enjoy crisp playback with high-quality MP4 recordings. Our API automatically live-stitches video streams together for easy access with no post-processing required on your end.

Scalable, Robust and Reliable

Whether you need to record a 1:1 video call, a virtual classroom with many participants, or an entertainment broadcast, our robust and reliable archiving functionality scales to meet your needs.


TokBox is constantly striving to improve the scope of our platform to deliver the capabilities you need in the real world. We are the first and only company to offer archiving capabilities in the WebRTC space.

Cross-device Compatibility and Security

Archiving is compatible with all OpenTok-supported web clients and mobile endpoints. Whether you’re recording on a PC, iPhone, or Samsung tablet, your conversations will remain secure.

Encrypted Archiving

With Encrypted Archiving archived data is never unencrypted at rest or in transit providing the highest level of security. This enables customers to meet the most stringent of compliance and regulatory requirements

This feature is available to Enterprise Account customers. Contact us for more information.

Archiving by OpenTok powered by WebRTC
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