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Audio Detection

Use audio activity to control stream layout and display.

Responsive technology that reacts and adapts to audio activity and levels to support your application’s logic.

How you can use it
  • Enable collaborative team meetings.
  • Allow active speaker detection during multi-party calls.
  • Power virtual classrooms.
  • Ensure mobile experience optimization through displaying only the current speaker.
Dynamic, Clear Calls

Enabled by our Audio Levels API, our Audio Detection capability helps you create a dynamic live video and voice experience by making the current speaker's stream the focus of the conversation.

Intuitive UI

OpenTok includes optimized UI indicators for audio activity and levels, and can adapt to the specifics of each call, creating more natural, true-to-life conversations.

A Multitude of Multi-party Experiences

Whether it's for a virtual classroom, collaborative team meeting, or for any multi-party scenario, audio detection capabilities make your app even more responsive.

Audio detection by OpenTok powered by WebRTC
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