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Audio and Video Drivers

Power to fully customize audio and video streams on mobile devices.

Audio and Video Drivers give you the power to integrate external streams and customize your audio and video.

How you can use it
  • Enable video effects and filters.
  • Inject media from a source that’s not your camera.
  • Show and highlight information in app.
  • Enable voice manipulation.
  • Modify input at the stream level.
Audio & Video Drivers by OpenTok powered by WebRTC
Fully Customizable

Any type of media can be inserted into your session without interruption, allowing you to view such things as remote microscope feeds or an augmented reality stream, enabling new levels of virtual collaboration. You can even pause the video, snap a photo, incorporate voice manipulation and other filter effects, and more.

Dedicated Mobile Support

Do more than you thought possible with the limited screen size of today’s mobile devices. Give your customer-service representatives “see what I see” video access to a customer’s surroundings, allowing them to work interactively in any context.

Limitless possibilities

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