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Audio Fallback

Dynamically prioritize audio in response to network quality.

Keep your calls running for all participants, regardless of connection issues or poor network conditions.

Why it’s important
  • Calls continue for people in poor network conditions without affecting call quality for all participants.
  • Improved experience on wireless networks, even when on the move.
An Intelligent, Dynamic Experience

OpenTok’s audio-fallback capability reacts to network conditions in real time, ensuring participants won’t drop out when faced with poor coverage. When conditions improve, a video stream is reestablished through our video-recovery capability.

Adaptable Frame-Rate Control

Customize frame rates based on your application’s logic. Whether you’re accommodating a large presence or catering to users joining from poor connections, all participants are guaranteed the perfect frame rate.

Easy Implementation

These features are part of the suite of intelligent quality controls automatically included in your implementation, meaning there’s minimal development work required on your end.

Audio Fallback by OpenTok powered by WebRTC
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