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Go beyond traditional text chat.

Our messaging stack enables you to deliver rich and powerful experiences beyond simple text between your users.

How you can use it
  • Manage call queues.
  • Integrate moderation controls.
  • Power text chat.
  • Implement advanced call logic.
  • Integrate smart features including a call timer, call holding, and call transfers.
Scalable and Adaptable

Our messaging stack can scale to meet the requirements of a vast range of applications, from updating a virtual whiteboard between multiple participants to turning pages of a shared e-book. OpenTok’s messaging stack can power any scenario from 1-to-1 to large broadcast.

Power-Intelligent Apps

Whether you want to manage queues, time a call for billing, or share an application state, OpenTok’s messaging stack makes it simple to build intelligent and responsive applications.

No Third Party Technology Needed

Our messaging stack integrates seamlessly into your application, eliminating the need for third-party APIs, whether it’s for text chat, scheduling, and more.

Messaging by OpenTok powered by WebRTC
Limitless possibilities

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