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iOS and Android SDKs

Fully interoperable mobile and web SDKs.

The most advanced set of mobile SDKs for WebRTC.

How you can use it
  • Build powerful mobile versions of your application.
  • Give more connection options to your customers.
  • Enable users to connect on the go.
  • Inject external audio and video streams into your calls.
iOS and Android SDKs by OpenTok powered by WebRTC
More Devices, Bigger Customer Reach

The OpenTok platform provides support for the ever-growing market of iOS and Android device families. We ensure that your application will be device agnostic.

Optimized for your Device

We optimize for the latest chipsets so that you can deliver a better experience to your users, whether it’s through our 64-bit processor support, or the latest Intel x86 chipset.

Audio and Video Drivers

Insert any kind of content in addition to, or in place of, your device's camera without interrupting the call session. You can add HD streaming from a local network, briefly pause the video and snap a photo, add filter effects, and more.


Let everyone talk to everyone, regardless of device or browser. OpenTok’s cross-platform SDKs ensure seamless communication between all web, Android, and iOS devices.

Limitless possibilities

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