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Multi-party Calls

Optimized and reliable multi-party calls for large groups or broadcast.

High-quality, efficient and reliable multi-party calls across all devices.

How you can use it
  • Group calls with 3+ people for team collaboration, virtual classrooms and more.
  • Talk show formats with hosts, guests, and large audiences.
  • Broadcast scenarios for seminars, webinars and large media events.
Multi party calls by OpenTok powered by WebRTC
Intelligent, Responsive, Reliable

Whether you’re facilitating a group call or a few-to-many broadcast, the OpenTok platform adjusts to network and bandwidth conditions, delivering a robust and reliable experience.

Dynamic Frame-Rate Controls

Allocate increased frames per second to more integral participants, allowing for larger rooms and ensuring optimal experiences for all participants.

Flexible Layout

Say goodbye to out-of-the-box conferencing formats. OpenTok allows you to customize the layout of your streams to work within the context and design of your website or application.


The same high-quality and reliable multi party experience on mobile.

Limitless possibilities

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