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Screen Sharing

Conversations within context.

Share your screen instantly with anyone for online meetings, presentations and more.

How you can use it
  • Enable users to share content or present slides and documents.
  • Enable co-viewing of media and events.
  • Power virtual classrooms or seminars.
  • Build knowledge sharing applications.
  • Power interactive e-consultations.
  • Enhance customer support.
Virtual Collaboration Made Easy

TokBox’s screen sharing functionality makes it easy to enhance your real-time communications experience with the power of content, all within the context of your website or application.

Any Content on Your Device

TokBox makes it possible to share content from your desktop or mobile device in your call. No longer limited to web based content, now you can upload and share documents and files within the context of your call.

Built for your Use Case

Across a wide range of industries, the ability for a presenter to share their screen content is powerful. Whether you’re a professor hosting a virtual class, or a tax consultant working with a client on their return, screen sharing enables a richer, more collaborative experience.ite or application.

Screen sharing by OpenTok powered by WebRTC
Limitless possibilities

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